Its raining again.

There are three options in Llanberis for when the rain gets a bit biblical.

1. Go to The Beacon/Indy.

2. Go running.

3. Get smashed in the Heights.

On Saturday we opted for option 1 ; running is such a ball ache we decided to leave that one for Sunday and option three isn’t really financially sustainable.

Andy suggested we each try to climbing the height of El Cap (roughly 1000m) each. I, rather stupidly, assumed this would be  a relaxing way to spend a wet day inside. It was much, much harder than I think either of us imagined. It equated to about 60 laps of the the 16m lead wall and by lap 20 I was tired. By lap 40 I went to sleep for a bit, and by the time I got into the 50’s I couldn’t climb 6a anymore and I wasn’t so much climbing as dumbly hooking my bent fingers into jugs. But we did it. It only took 7 hours!

That night we decided to bivvy in the Slate quarries (suffering practice?) where it was so wet and so windy that water got through both bivvy and sleeping bags pooling underneath us. The whole experience was neatly summed up at 7am, when Cherry simply muttered ‘can we go now?’.

We packed up and dried out. Then went for a run and got wet again.

Below: a quick video summary of sort of training we’ve been doing here in the valley: crack climbing, running and eating Stagg Chilli.



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