A night on the Skyline

The good weather has allowed us to get on with a little more big wall style training. This weekend, it was time for a full run through – We would pick a large route in the quarries, lead half of it in the evening, haul the bags up, clean the pitch, setup the portaledge at the belay and sleep for the night, to then wake up and the next morning, pack away, lead out and haul the bags to the top. Doing this, led to what must be the first two-day ascent of “Clash of the Titans” on the Skyline buttress. Perhaps even the slowest ascent of a slate route ever?


Quite a stunning position to practice! Pic. Ed Morris

I think they key thing we took away from this was how much more confident we were. We have both been reading and practicing a few things and all the processes involved were much slicker than usual, way neater and more organised, and as a result much safer and easier to understand. No butchered quickdraws, no collapsing portaledge and no massively apparent ignorance of safety. We’re starting to get used to these vertical camps, and how things work.

Having said that – I still felt like absolute sh*t in the morning. Actually getting to sleep on the ledge is a skill in itself – rather than just lying still in a sleeping bag and not saying anything for 5 hours.

Thanks to Ed, for being happy to bivvy close by – in fear of a goat dislodging scree on him – to take the cool pics in this post.

Checkout the video,




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