Valley Touchdown!

From Cherry’s mums house (all the greatest expeditions begin in the living room of someones mums house) to Birmingham New Street station, through to London Gatwick, flight to Dublin, transfer to San Fransisco, straight onto the Bay Area Rapid Transport system to Richmond, Amtrak train to Merced, a 3 hour nap on the living room floor of some Iranian mechanical engineers we met in a car park, and the 6am YARTS bus straight to the kiosk of the Legendary Camp 4.

It’s safe to say, we winged that one a little bit.

Walking through Yosemite valley is like walking through a Disney film, with blue skies, woodpeckers and squirrels surrounding you, and the constant reminder that if you leave a single crumb of food unattended for even a second, a Stealth-ninja-bear will swoop down and rip all your belongings to shreds.

Wired as we were, we jumped on the Yosemite Shuttle bus down to El Cap bridge, to go and have our retinas split open by the enormity of the Big Stone.

Allow me state the obvious for just a moment: It is BIG. It’s smooth, perfect granite that’s less intimidating and more majestic. Pictures of El Capitan are impressive but having it looming above you, warping perspective as you walk up to its base is totally mind blowing – and really warrants a little sit down to get over it.


One thought on “Valley Touchdown!

  1. Love the site, chaps 🙂 We can follow your illustrious climbing careers – I should have got your autographs! Watch out for Racoons and ants, take care on The Captain, and rock on
    Great to meet you guys, indeed you are already legendary!
    All the best,
    Ruth & John, your neighbouring Kiwi chums from Indian Flat c/ground

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