Back on the Grit.

It’d been a long and difficult year (with some minor relapses) but for the most part, we’d managed to stay entirely Grit-free. We’d spent the year having long days out in the mountains, edging in the slate quarries, clippin’ bolts by the seaside and heaving our guts out in America. What a year, what could possibly be missing?

No climber can resist the call of the slopey mistress.

God it’s good to be back.

Screenshot (73)_edited
Back at Millstone for some high friction jams!
Screenshot (74)_edited
Stefan pouting at the camera – Delectable Direct, Lawrencefield.
Cherry fiddling in wires – Suspense, Lawrencefield
Screenshot (83)_edited
Stefan trying The Storm (V8+) – Plantation
Screenshot (87)_edited
Cherry falling off of The Storm (V8+), Plantation.
Screenshot (97)_edited
Stefan flashing The Steep Traverse (V5) – Plantation
Screenshot (90)_edited
Stefan on the tricky foot traverse of Deliverance (V8+), Plantation.
Brushing Deliverance
The Frictitious Fellows brushing Deliverance – in a vague attempt to accumulate more friction.

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