New Supporter Announcement!

For those of you who read about our Yosemite antics, or watched the video of us on Triple direct, you will have noticed a particular element of our trip that played a somewhat central role in our comfort, happiness, and probability of success: Hydration.

We all know how much hydration can effect your output in any sport. It’s simple, you can’t perform anywhere near your best when you’re dehydrated. Dehydration causes you to slow right down, as you become fatigued and light headed. This leads to climbers moving slowly and become easily confused or overwhelmed! Slow, weak, overwhelmed and tired… sounds familiar to be honest.

But away from the safety of the YOSAR team in California, we decided it may be a little more important to stay on top of our H2O in Norway – especially with long days of free-climbing on top-form, and moving quickly and safely being key to success.

Luckily, the sciencey dudes at nuun hydration have stepped forward and to support us in staying on the right side of desperate thirst! Nuun make portable hydration tabs for athletes and other outdoor-folk, to help easily and conveniently manage hydration whenever and wherever. Great stuff!

So as we start the oh-so-wonderfully entertaining game of hatch-back tetris before the long trip up North, we have a fair few extra small cylinders to squeeze in, and a little extra confidence that we wont end up drier than a rice-cake in a sauna.


So a big shout out to the lovely people at nun for keeping us a little bit safer and a lot less thirsty. Cheers!

For a fine example of how not to hydrate, checkout the link below of our mid-summer, mid-drought, El-cap experience last year:


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