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All climbers know the feeling. You open your eyes to see canvas above you – you’re in your tent. You’ve slept in late to recover, because you’ve just come down from an absolute epic. Stupidly, you decide to try and sit up. Mistake. Every single muscle in your body aches, like you’ve just gone 15 rounds in the ring with Optimus Prime.

In the climbing world, nutrition is one of those things that is often overlooked – shoved onto the bottom of the priority list after equipment checks, navigation efforts, weather concerns and getting the perfect selfie. This negligence towards eating good food is something that’s been present throughout climbing history – I heard Paul Pritchard once spent a month eating nothing but Custard Creams.

However, eating the right stuff at the right time can have an incredible effect on your output, ensuring your muscles have the energy they need to keep burning for how ever many hours that 5.8 squeeze chimney is going to take you.

On extended climbing trips, recovery is absolutely key in your trip strategy. Getting your body back up to scratch and working at 100% again is vital if you’re going to continue on to that next goal. In previous trips we’ve often found that one of the things that held us back was spending multiple days trying to recover on a diet of cous cous and pepsi.

However, this year we have a new strategy – 100% Natural High Protein bars from Battle Oats. The guys at Battle Oats produce handmade High Protein energy bars here in the UK. They are the absolute perfect snack for keeping your energy levels high whilst out bouldering, casually enjoying with a mug of hot coffee in the morning – or literally saving your life as you shiver yourself into a nightmare, on the penultimate pitches of some ‘adventurous’ day gone bad.


For a great example of some less effective mid-route snacking, checkout our ‘breakfast’; and ‘lunch’ options on Point 5 gully in the video below:


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