Late-season luck in Lofoten.

In the British climbing community, you’re bound to have heard of Lofoten at some point. Usually described as being one of the only places on the planet that has more rainfall than North Wales. Tales of terrible storms, weeks spent sat in a tent waiting for dry weather and mind-bending frustration at poor conditions conjure […]

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Going to Hell

“Go to Hell”. In England: [insult] instruction. Requests the target of said insult proceed directly to endless burning torture in the afterlife. In Norway: [advice] suggestion. Informs the target of said advice of their best chance to climb dry rock in the seemingly permanent precipitation of the Trondheim area. After 2 and a half weeks of thrashing […]

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Cave Life

“Once you get the moves up the slab there’s another rest.” Said Henning, a tall Norwegian climber with quite the knack for throwing in kneebars where they shouldn’t exist. The German gave him a quizzical look. “Slab?” He questioned. “Its, ‘technical wall climbing’!”. He was right of course, but it seems anything in Hanshelleren cave […]

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