About us

On this page, we wrote a little bit about each other to give you an idea of who we are.
We’re not claiming to be great climbers, great adventurers, or even great people – we can only be honest and tell you how much we love climbing, and why we’re going to keep doing it.

Andrew Cherry

Brief History:

Cherry in Chamonix
Cherry in Chamonix

Andrew was born in Dubai, his childhood split between South Africa and Birmingham, far from the influence of climbing.  In 2011 he went to study Product design at Nottingham Trent University and – fuelled by a sense of curiosity following a rather long walk around Tanzania – Joined the University climbing club.  This proved to be a seminal moment. After just a few trips to British crags, his mindless enthusiasm began to bear fruit, seizing the opportunity to climb whenever possible – no matter how tired, ill, or hungover he may be.

His drive and near obsession with his new passion was incredible, surprising with both his performance and dedication in not just trad but now bouldering and sport, and after a few seasons of Scottish winter and some summer Alpine peaks he  continues to think bigger and more ambitious.

Favourite routes: 

Trad Climbing – Wings of Unreason (E4 6a) The Roaches, UK ‘It was the first time I climbed something purely for how it looked, the grade was almost immaterial’.

Bouldering –  The Edge Problem (V6) Llanberis, UK ‘The guidebook said it would be hard for fat fingered climbers so I wanted to prove my chubby fingers could climb it’.

Winter Climbing – Point 5 Gully (V,5) Ben Nevis, UK ‘We’d been talking about the route for 2 straight years, and never dared to get on it. In a moment of madness we decided to give it a try anyway, and the on-route learning experience that followed was unforgettable!’

Aid/Big Wall – Triple Direct, El Capitan, (C2+, 5.9) Yosemite Valley, USA ‘What can I say, it was our first week in Yosemite, our first Big wall ever, it was the captain, it was the luke warm cans of coke and portaledge sunsets – It was everything!’

For Andrew climbing is ‘the ultimate expression of adventure and freedom’ . Nothing is ever written off as being too hard or too big, its just filed away in the back of his mind for further down the line. And ultimately… he’s a pretty decent bloke.

Stefan Morris

Brief History:

Teffy in Columbia
Stefan in Columbia

Stefan started climbing on the cliffs of Pembrokeshire in South Wales in 2006. As a 13 year old boy he bought a static rope and some wires, and successfully avoided serious injury on the famous limestone cliffs with his older brother. His drive to climb came from his surroundings.

These days, Stefan is a 21 year old Architectural Student studying in Nottingham. Padding up smooth grit slabs, cranking hard on steep Yorkshire limestone, teetering along thin North Wales slate, or bashing up icy gullies in Scotland – Stefan is an all-rounder, just as happy on a big Scottish winter route as he is brushing holds religiously on his latest boulder project.

Favourite routes:

Sport Climbing – Andre Hoyre (7c+) Flatanger, Norway. ‘Steep on some great holds and rock. Being in the cave just makes you try hard. like…..really hard!’

Trad Climbing – Vestpillaren (N6) Lofoten Islands, Norway. ‘It was the reason I went to Norway and possibly the best route I’ve ever done – so far…’

Bouldering – Left Wall Traverse (V8) Parisella’s Cave, UK. ‘a long, pumpy and drop-able obsession. Time to get on Rock Atrocity’

Winter Climbing – Point Five Gully (V 5) Ben Nevis, UK. “after four hours of being battered by ice, the serenity of a purple sunset bathing the summit was beautiful”

Aid/Big Wall – West Face of Leaning Tower, Yosemite Valley, USA (C3, 5.7) ‘A sub twelve hour ascent with Andy Kirkpatrick with pizza to finish the day. Mega”

To put it in his own words; Stefan doesn’t ‘claim to be good at any area of climbing – I just love every minute of it. It’s grim sometimes but its great!’. A solid character with insatiable appetite for adventurous climbing, Stefan can suffer just as well as he climbs, is always up for ‘giving it a bash’, and is always reliable when the going gets tough.


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