Late-season luck in Lofoten.

In the British climbing community, you’re bound to have heard of Lofoten at some point. Usually described as being one of the only places on the planet that has more rainfall than North Wales. Tales of terrible storms, weeks spent sat in a tent waiting for dry weather and mind-bending frustration at poor conditions conjure […]

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Operation Stacked

“Diverted traffic! There we go”, we turned accordingly for another little yellow sign, hidden behind a bush like an Easter egg. We had been part of this diverted traffic for over an hour, a result of splitting all other traffic from the freight lorries in the somewhat incredible ‘operation stack’, in which 5 and a […]

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The wet season

Every UK climber knows that pre-Christmas, is the wet season. Well realistically every season can be the ‘wet season’, and I certainly remember Autumn/ Winter times that were wetter than this one, but having said that it’s still pretty wet. Carefully balancing university commitments and climbing goals, this Autumn/ Winter has been one of indoor […]

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Staying out late

When the clocks went forward, it was like christmas. All of a sudden, evening after work became a period of time long enough, light enough and dry enough to get out and enjoy some top notch welsh rock. It began, with a little bouldering (Outside of the cave this time!)    

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