Late-season luck in Lofoten.

In the British climbing community, you’re bound to have heard of Lofoten at some point. Usually described as being one of the only places on the planet that has more rainfall than North Wales. Tales of terrible storms, weeks spent sat in a tent waiting for dry weather and mind-bending frustration at poor conditions conjure […]

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Being ripped by Weasels!

Climbing is a sport that’s incredibly mentally involved.  That’s not to say of course that other sports aren’t – but climbing can sometimes require you to make some very risky decisions, very quickly and quite often throws you towards the consequences of your actions, at an acceleration of 9.8m/s squared. I stood sprawled across the […]

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Trad, Tactics…..and Trying

        Taking a year out from Uni has been really great for climbing. Especially when your work placement is in Pembrokeshire. Last summer, after spending most of my climbing past making bad excuses about why I didn’t try very hard on Pembroke trad, I finally owned up to myself about why I didn’t. […]

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More in the Mawr!

Twll Mawr, the big ol’ black hole in the quarries. Last weekend, we headed down to join the multiple teams all keen to repeat the ‘UKs longest sport route’ – The Desolation of Smaug! 6 pitches, 140 metres and totally varied climbing throughout, a really cool feeling to topout right on the very top of Twll […]

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Climb Now Work Later

  Our latest news: DMM will be sponsoring us for our big wall adventures! We’re both super psyched to have some support from a truly awesome UK manufacturer. It’s a pretty big opportunity for us both – and we really couldn’t be more grateful for their help. DMM have been making some of the best gear […]

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The Spring has begun

The Spring has truly begun. There are leaves on the trees, there is blue on the sky and there is chalk on the rock. Come Easter weekend the sun was shining! Unfortunately this meant that Snowdonia suddenly got very very busy, so we retreated to bus-stop quarry to climb somewhere less crowded.  This led to […]

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Staying out late

When the clocks went forward, it was like christmas. All of a sudden, evening after work became a period of time long enough, light enough and dry enough to get out and enjoy some top notch welsh rock. It began, with a little bouldering (Outside of the cave this time!)    

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First Blood

With good weather forecast Edmund (my 1 year senior brother and Pembroke trad don) and I headed to St Govan’s East for some routes, and the hope I would man up enough to get on First Blood E2 5c. As it turned out, we had a brilliant day! Edmund got on The Go-Between, a pleasant […]

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Are you Harry Styles mate?

There are many places in the British Isles that Stefan gets mistaken for Harry Styles. And Fort William is one of them. Joined by Bill Spittal and driven by Harry Fisher, we pulled into the North Face Car park at around 1am. Some would argue that this is not the most ideal time to start […]

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