Flügger färg!

The four days we’ve been in Sweden have taught us three things. 1. House music can always be found if you scan through enough radio stations. 2. Swedes all drive estates. 3. Bohuslan granite is good. Really good. “Bo-hu-slan, I told you about it months ago” Andy sounded rather exasperated that I had no idea […]

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Being ripped by Weasels!

Climbing is a sport that’s incredibly mentally involved.  That’s not to say of course that other sports aren’t – but climbing can sometimes require you to make some very risky decisions, very quickly and quite often throws you towards the consequences of your actions, at an acceleration of 9.8m/s squared. I stood sprawled across the […]

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Trad, Tactics…..and Trying

        Taking a year out from Uni has been really great for climbing. Especially when your work placement is in Pembrokeshire. Last summer, after spending most of my climbing past making bad excuses about why I didn’t try very hard on Pembroke trad, I finally owned up to myself about why I didn’t. […]

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The Spring has begun

The Spring has truly begun. There are leaves on the trees, there is blue on the sky and there is chalk on the rock. Come Easter weekend the sun was shining! Unfortunately this meant that Snowdonia suddenly got very very busy, so we retreated to bus-stop quarry to climb somewhere less crowded.  This led to […]

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First Blood

With good weather forecast Edmund (my 1 year senior brother and Pembroke trad don) and I headed to St Govan’s East for some routes, and the hope I would man up enough to get on First Blood E2 5c. As it turned out, we had a brilliant day! Edmund got on The Go-Between, a pleasant […]

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