Far far away.

The Tasermiut Fjord area, is a Fjord system in the South West of Greenland. Greenland is that massive white blob near the top end of the map, one of those places you can’t quite imagine ever visiting – it doesn’t seem to have any exciting capital cities or widely shared insta-worthy panoramas. It’s also hard […]

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Cave Life

“Once you get the moves up the slab there’s another rest.” Said Henning, a tall Norwegian climber with quite the knack for throwing in kneebars where they shouldn’t exist. The German gave him a quizzical look. “Slab?” He questioned. “Its, ‘technical wall climbing’!”. He was right of course, but it seems anything in Hanshelleren cave […]

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Back on the Grit.

It’d been a long and difficult year (with some minor relapses) but for the most part, we’d managed to stay entirely Grit-free. We’d spent the year having long days out in the mountains, edging in the slate quarries, clippin’ bolts by the seaside and heaving our guts out in America. What a year, what could […]

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Smoke and Monkey Calls.

“Yeah yeah, we’ll take a load of water, a load of food and we’ll just climb nice and slow and bivy on the big ledges. It’ll be really chilled out!” This was the Plan. A ‘chilled out’ ascent of the Washington Column with plenty of extra water, 5 easy pitches a day and big comfy […]

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Valley Touchdown!

From Cherry’s mums house (all the greatest expeditions begin in the living room of someones mums house) to Birmingham New Street station, through to London Gatwick, flight to Dublin, transfer to San Fransisco, straight onto the Bay Area Rapid Transport system to Richmond, Amtrak train to Merced, a 3 hour nap on the living room […]

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