Another new supporter!

All climbers know the feeling. You open your eyes to see canvas above you – you’re in your tent. You’ve slept in late to recover, because you’ve just come down from an absolute epic. Stupidly, you decide to try and sit up. Mistake. Every single muscle in your body aches, like you’ve just gone 15 […]

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Triple D send bro!

“Sweet Triple D send Bro!” – ‘Ghetto Blaster’ Joe, Yosemite local Below, we’ve put together a few of the little bits of video we managed to capture in Triple Direct. In all honesty we hoped to capture alot more, but with only 1 working camera between the two of us and with rather more things on […]

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Last minute cramming

If Big walling were an exam, then we’ve pretty much just sat done the equivalent of sitting up in a panic in the library the night before, downing energy drinks and writing the answers on our hands. That’s not to say that we haven’t done plenty of practice in the last 6 months, but there’s […]

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A night on the Skyline

The good weather has allowed us to get on with a little more big wall style training. This weekend, it was time for a full run through – We would pick a large route in the quarries, lead half of it in the evening, haul the bags up, clean the pitch, setup the portaledge at […]

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Its raining again.

There are three options in Llanberis for when the rain gets a bit biblical. 1. Go to The Beacon/Indy. 2. Go running. 3. Get smashed in the Heights. On Saturday we opted for option 1 ; running is such a ball ache we decided to leave that one for Sunday and option three isn’t really […]

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Yosemite Big Wall – The Beginning

This as an introduction, to our upcoming Yosemite Big-Walling trip. We’ll be heading to the Valley in late August (hopefully after the blazing summer sun has abated, abit), and have just begun the long road of learning, practicing, training and then eventually going. This trip is another step deeper into the world of adventurous climbing, and […]

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