Last minute cramming

If Big walling were an exam, then we’ve pretty much just sat done the equivalent of sitting up in a panic in the library the night before, downing energy drinks and writing the answers on our hands. That’s not to say that we haven’t done plenty of practice in the last 6 months, but there’s […]

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A night on the Skyline

The good weather has allowed us to get on with a little more big wall style training. This weekend, it was time for a full run through – We would pick a large route in the quarries, lead half of it in the evening, haul the bags up, clean the pitch, setup the portaledge at […]

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Its raining again.

There are three options in Llanberis for when the rain gets a bit biblical. 1. Go to The Beacon/Indy. 2. Go running. 3. Get smashed in the Heights. On Saturday we opted for option 1 ; running is such a ball ache we decided to leave that one for Sunday and option three isn’t really […]

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Training at Rock City (Hull)

A quick update today as to this weekends crack-antics. The severe weather warnings in North Wales have seen me escape across the country to calm and sunny Hull. Inevitably, this led to a little play around on the resin cracks at Rock City. There are a fair few resin cracks inbetween the routes to have […]

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Crack Habits

Crack climbing – the dark art (or sweet science?) of rock climbing. Often when you’re at the crag, or down the wall someone will mention something about cracks. “Oh its perfect, sweet hand jams the whole way, it’s just so secure.” To which my reply is often, “Oh sounds great, I don’t climb cracks though”. […]

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