Things have been quiet recently, too quiet. With both of us being in our final year of study, balancing work commitments and climbing can be a tough game, especially when the nearby peak district has been soggy for about 2 months. Obviously, we’ve been training incredibly hard: And we plan to put our various climbing skills […]

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The wet season

Every UK climber knows that pre-Christmas, is the wet season. Well realistically every season can be the ‘wet season’, and I certainly remember Autumn/ Winter times that were wetter than this one, but having said that it’s still pretty wet. Carefully balancing university commitments and climbing goals, this Autumn/ Winter has been one of indoor […]

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Back on the Grit.

It’d been a long and difficult year (with some minor relapses) but for the most part, we’d managed to stay entirely Grit-free. We’d spent the year having long days out in the mountains, edging in the slate quarries, clippin’ bolts by the seaside and heaving our guts out in America. What a year, what could […]

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Triple D send bro!

“Sweet Triple D send Bro!” – ‘Ghetto Blaster’ Joe, Yosemite local Below, we’ve put together a few of the little bits of video we managed to capture in Triple Direct. In all honesty we hoped to capture alot more, but with only 1 working camera between the two of us and with rather more things on […]

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Smoke and Monkey Calls.

“Yeah yeah, we’ll take a load of water, a load of food and we’ll just climb nice and slow and bivy on the big ledges. It’ll be really chilled out!” This was the Plan. A ‘chilled out’ ascent of the Washington Column with plenty of extra water, 5 easy pitches a day and big comfy […]

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